Why the change?

Having retired from teaching almost 2 years ago, people often greet me on the street

”…So what are you up to now?”
Reply; ‘I’m running my own business – I’m a Reflexologist”
“Oh! Really?”
“Have you ever had reflexology?’
’Do you know what it is?
“No….” or “…. It’s got something to do with the feet…..hasn’t it?”

That’s where my understanding began; back in the 70’s. Fascinated, when strolling through China Town, and seeing dilapidated charts on display, showing different parts of the body on the soles of feet…. I was intrigued! I bought books on ‘Self-Help Reflexology’ and was hooked… just like a ‘gym junkie’!

A few decades later, my Father-In-Law suffered a stroke. At 87, he was one of the fittest guys I knew. We were devastated. “Massive!” the doctor said, “It would have wiped out a lesser man”.

Pop couldn’t walk, couldn’t talk and lost many other physical functions. He was left to communicate by opening and closing his eyes. He survived for 18 months trying to learn how to do things again.

During one of our visits, I offered to work on his feet. His eyes lit up! He loved it. His feet didn’t get out of socks and slippers. During ‘one pampering’ session, I felt something completely different on the ball of his foot. “Something’s wrong Pop! I don’t know what it is, but I’m going to go home to look up my books!”

I rang the hospital the next day and requested a chest X-ray, just to satisfy us that there was nothing wrong. He had pneumonia and “we would have lost him” if they hadn’t administered antibiotics when they did!

“That’s it! I’m finding out more about this!”…… and so began my journey to becoming an Advanced Reflexologist/ Certified Natural Therapist Practitioner.

Do you know what I do? Maybe I can help you! - Jannice