The Power of Reflexology

Little Abbi – (fictitious name) – came to me when she was 8 years old. She had a rare disorder where the ‘rods and cones’ in her eyes were gradually dying – that is, both the ability of the eyes to distinguish ‘black and white’ & ‘colour’. Her vision was particularly bad in the evening when the light was fading when the definition is difficult for us all.

Doctors told her parents she would be blind by the age of 13. There was no explanation for this, and “there was nothing that could be done”. Absolutely devastating!
“Janice! Can you do something?” “I’ll certainly try!”

My treatment sessions began with Abbi; every week, for 20 minutes to 1 hour. They were fun. We talked. We laughed. We learnt together.

My knowledge was limited. I needed to learn more. So, I completed my ‘Ocular Therapy Course’ – to read and use ‘pressure point maps’ around the eyes – to perfect my skills while working with Abbi.

Mum had to commit to regular appointments with the eye specialists, to monitor Abbi’s progress. It was explained that adjustments would need to be made – ‘ thickness of the lens in her glasses, etc., as her eyesight deteriorates’.

After a couple of months, the eye doctor queried: “What exactly are you doing? What have you changed?”

Mum explained – nothing! ‘We’ve just been having the fresh juice of a morning, and Abbi sees a reflexologist”.

Well, the specialist was surprised but said whatever you’ve been doing “keep it up; because there has been no deterioration at all since you were here last!”

Many years later, Abbi got her Driver’s license, finished her HSC and is now driving to work in her own car!

The Power of Reflexology