The Pom that had reflexology!

I invited Rodney to send his story to me on his return home……and received his email yesterday! Yaye! Thanks, Rodney (happy for me to use his name: )

“Hi Janice.

Case Study.


In September 2006 I had a fall from a low-level roof (2 meters), resulting in the following injuries.

Head downwards:

  • Double fracture of the skull (front)
  • Fractured cheekbone (left side)
  • Broken nose.
  • Ruptured stomach
  • Haematoma in lower stomach
  • 4 fractures of the pelvis (Left side)

After being in traction for 34 days (flat on my back), I was given Physiotherapy at the hospital.

This lasted for 11 days, after which I was told I would never be able to walk again unaided. (Mind over Matter).

I took myself off to a private Physio, who said she would have a go at getting me walking again unaided.

It started with 3 visits per week for the first 2 years.

Then 2 visits for a further 1 year.

Followed by another 2 years of once a week.

After a couple of years, I used a Reflexologist, once a week for about 4 years.

The result is I play Badminton once a week.

Go to the Gym 4 mornings a week.

I also belong to the U3A. and am a member of 2 walking groups.

So much for NOT taking the results as fact.

My Reflexologist eventually retired; – so I went back to the Physio, then, after a year or two, I found a new Reflex Spa.

This is where I sill go whenever I feel I could do with some extra help.


My age when I had the accident was 70.

I am now 82. and still walking unaided.

There may be snow on the roof, but the fire has not yet gone out for life.(roll on summer UK)!

Hopefully, I will see you next year, when I visit Terrigal.

Warm regards and best wishes.

Rodney Spurr.  (The Pom that had reflexology).

The Pom that had reflexology!