People just don’t realise how powerful reflexology is!

My clinic has changed location – instead of renting a room in a ‘Beauty Therapy Practice’  – referrals all the time –“ as one worked on the beauty on the outside, I worked on ‘their health & beauty from inside-out!”

 I now rent a room in a massaging clinic ….and let’s be honest… if you want a massage, not many people can talk you into a non-confronting reflexology treatment!…especially if they don’t know what it is!

So In January this year, I was surprised when an English gentleman was waiting to see “the reflexologist” rather than walking in to book a kinesiology, therapeutic or chiropractic massage at our clinic.  This was the second day he had come back, determined to talk to me!

Rodney was holidaying in Terrigal and had problems with pain & swelling in his feet.


When I asked him why he had sort ‘a reflexologist’ he explained….

He’d worked in construction and 12 years ago had a debilitating fall… fractured, broke, punctured, crushed, perforated, dislocated … various bones & and organs in his body – lucky to survive; and was told he would never walk again.

“It was a physiotherapist and reflexologist (the later working on me for 5 years) that got me up and mobile, and travelling the world for the last 8 years!

“When something goes wrong with me now – I just find a reflexologist!”

Rodney left the clinic, ready for his flight home, pain-free, grateful that swelling had now subsided.

I invited Rodney to send his story to me on his return home……fingers crossed!

People just don’t realise how powerful reflexology is