Lone Sorensen, My Mentor

Accredited as an Advanced Practitioner in 2007, my study and Professional Development led me to discover Lone Sorensen, a scientist in Spain, who had cancer on two occasions, underwent serious operations removing substantial parts of her anatomy while dealing with this disease and is now the Director / Founder an Internationally recognized Reflexology Institution located in Barcelona. She is beaming with good health!

I studied under her. She remains my mentor, confident and continuing educator, as her research is scientifically founded, proven and current.

In the process of researching and developing ‘The Sorensisten’, Lone met, who she refers to, “diamonds” around the world, who are specialists in ‘Reflex Therapy’ methods. She travelled to South America, China, Korea, Vietnam, Japan etc learning form the best and perfecting her reflexology understanding, application and perfection of techniques and skills, from a variety of cultures. All of these countries own an ancient system of treating illness, discomfort, and diseases that are being recognized & resurrected in some, never lost in others, to help people heal and remain healthy.

Reflexologists work on small maps found on the body, The Practitioner uses their hands to apply pressure that is comfortable for the client. It is non-invasive. All you need to do is remove your shoes …… and if that is a problem we work on other little maps, depicting the body, on your hands and face. I’ve always believed in ‘ magic’! This is the best kind there is!!

Lone is developing her own unique system of treatment through a combination of all that has been learnt and passed down through generations. She now teaches her ‘sisten’, leads Conferences, sharing undeniable findings and successes, in over 47 countries around the world. I am lucky enough to be one of her students.

Lone Sorensen My Mentor - Lone Sorensen

image courtesy of  https://bodymindinstitute.com/lone-sorensen/