Motivation to Learn

The first series of Case Studies I had to complete for Accreditation of Reflexology Level 1 was opened ended.
I had to find 3 people diagnosed with the same condition:

  • Report on their medical history;
  • Give 8 treatments
  • Report on progress in between sessions
  • Present results

Breast cancer was prevalent. Way too many friends, family and associates were suffering from this.

One of my 3 clients, Dorri (fictitious), had had a double mastectomy and many lymph nodes removed under both arms. She did not suffer from oedema, however, the scarring across her chest and under her arms from the operations/radiation, was so severe, she was unable to lift her arms up to or above her shoulders.

Dori lived on a large property, on her own and found her condition debilitating. Not only did it make everyday activities difficult, she now had to pay a gardener ‘to keep on top of things in the yard’. One of her favourite past times was pruning the plants, and now “ …. that was impossible! I am so frustrated ……. and sore!!”

Reflexology is able to break down scar tissue – I had learnt – but never had the opportunity to put it to the test! That was my challenge!

Dori received her treatments at my house. She was quite happy to travel to me, and I will never forget the final session when we were filing reports and my husbands walked in!

“Look! It’s a miracle!!” she exclaimed as she whirled one arm around like a windmill – and the other wasn’t far behind!!

It’s moments like this that motivate me to learn more, to give more and to do more!

Happy week xx

Motivation to Learn